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What it takes to own a small plane

Owning a private plane is probably one of the highest standards of luxury. First and foremost, only a small percentage of people own private planes. It can be generally associated with celebrities, politicians, and business tycoons. However, some hobbyists also invest on their plane. Let us bust the myth as early as now; you do not need to be a billionaire nor a big shot celebrity to buy your own plane. But you do need to have a substantial amount of money to splurge on it.  What does it really mean to have a plane? What are the things you ...

4 Myths About Small Airplanes (That You Shouldn’t Believe)

If you spend some time scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, you will notice almost everyone posts about traveling and seeing the world. How one does this, of course, is with the help of advances in the means of transportation. Hundreds of years ago, no one even thought that it was possible for people to “fly” and everyone was proven wrong. Now one can see different places and cultures in a matter of hours. It has become the norm for people to book a flight once in a while. With the great demand for air travel, airline companies have upgraded their ...

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