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Which Materials are Used for Making an Aircraft Exhaust Nozzle?

In most modern aircraft, gas turbine engines are generally used. These engines are located either under the wings or the tail of the aircraft. It is the part responsible for propelling the aircraft forward. Because of the tremendous amount of energy these parts have to endure, the materials need to be able to withstand high temperature and pressure.   Although gas turbine engines can have different types, they always have common parts such as the fan, compressor, turbine, combustor, and exhaust nozzle. Each of these parts plays a specific role in the engine system. Among these parts, one part usually receives ...

How Does an Aircraft’s Exhaust Gases Affect the Environment?

The Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) reported that in 2014, there had been 37.4 million flights scheduled that year-- which is a little more than 100,000 flights up in the air each day.    With so many planes in flight at any given time, one might wonder, “how does an aircraft’s exhaust gases affect the environment?” After all, planes do have powerful engines to generate the forward thrust necessary to get them flying in the first place.   An aircraft’s exhaust gases contain CO2 emissions, and as environment scientists have pointed out, it’s these that have a greenhouse gas effect on our ...

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